How Can Phantom Brow Fix Eyebrows For Good?
Most women have the problem and annoyance of doing their eyebrows everyday! They still run the risk of it coming off early or smudging.
Completely Waterproof
You can Shower, Swim and Wash Your Face. Without Anything Going away!
Lasts 2 Weeks
Every Application lasts on your eyebrows for 2 weeks.
30 Days to try
You have 30 days to return your product if you don't like it.
The Consequences of Salons
What beauty Professionals give you is a good product but at the expense of you having to comeback in 2 weeks just to have it done again. Wasting your time and Money.
High Cost compared to what you get.
Professional Microblading/Tinting Could cost you up to $400-$500. With this Application only Lasting 2 weeks. Leaving your eyebrows needing help again in 2 weeks.
Phantom Brow Saves you Thousands of Dollars!
We provide you enough henna to be able to apply for 13 Applications! Each of these applications last 2 weeks. So as soon your eyebrows go back to normal you can re-apply for your Beauty Salon look.
Easy to Use Stencils
If you don't feel comfortable doing your own eyebrows. These easy to use stencils will do all of the work for you!
What Comes With Phantom Brow Eyebrow Henna?
  • 3 Month Supply of Eyebrow Henna
    Come in your Choice of Three Colors, Light brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown
  • Firm Eyebrow Brush and Comb
    We personally Developed and eyebrow Brush the does the best job of appliction without any complications.
  • 8 Easy to Use Eyebrow stencils  
    If you don't know how to do eyebrows Our easy stencils will guide you through the way.
  • Mixing Jar and Measuring spoons   
Choose Your Colors
Light Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown
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Phantom Brow - DIY Eyebrow Henna Kit
Product Description
  • 20 Minute Application
  • Each application lasts on your eyebrows for two weeks
  • Come with 8 easy to use stencils
  • The henna is fully waterproof and does not wash off
  • Comes with 3 Month Supply of Henna
  • We offer Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown
  • Includes: an eyebrow brush, Eyebrow Comb, a Mixing Jar, 8 Easy to use stencils, and a Measuring spoon and water measuring pipette.
  • Ships out within 24 hours of Ordering!  
Fast Shipping
All of our order are shipped within 24 hours.
Support 24/7
We desire to bring customers the best experience. Hence, we always support customers anytime, anywhere.
30 Day Returns
You have 30 days to request for a return.
Frequently Asked Questions
Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at
When will I get my Order?
All Orders Ship out within 24 hours from when they are ordered. Weekends no packages are shipped.
Can this henna be used For tattoos?.
No. This product was specifically made for your eyebrows. Do not use this product for any other part of your body as this henna is not all natural. We have another product dedicated for all natural henna for freckles and tattoos. You also must do a skin test before you use this product to make sure you are not allergic. If you are allergic cease us use of this product immediately.
Can I wash it off?
This product is waterproof, so if you mess up or just want to remove you are going to have to use saltwater and scrub thoroughly multiple times to remove.
What if I mess up?
When you start applying the henna it will start dyeing your eyebrow. If you mess up restart and fully wash off with soap and water before it starts to set in. The best is to plan out exactly how you are going to do it before you apply it.