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Henna Cone Bottle - For Faux Freckles and Tattoos + Skip (Order Priority)

Henna Cone Bottle - For Faux Freckles and Tattoos + Skip (Order Priority)

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If You Order Now, Your Guaranteed Shipping date is: (Monday Jul 04, 2022)

  • All natural Henna paste handmade in the USA.

  • Brown Stain that will last 2 to 3 weeks For Tattoos

  • Freckles Lasts 3 to 5 days

  • DIY Bottle with applicator tip that allows you to apply the product yourself.

  • 2oz of Henna paste in each bottle 

  • (120 Freckle Applications) Or ( 6 to 9 Large Tattoos !)

  • Reusable Bottle and applicator tip

  • Color Is naturally Brown and will blend to your skin based on its color

  • Apply to Skin

  • Wait

  • Remove Henna without water

  • Boom! Now you have all natural henna freckles and or Tattoos.

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Fast Shipping   14 Day Returns    24/7Support

 Lasts Long and works on all skin tones

Backed by our  Amazing Guarantee!🤩

*terms apply

💰If you don't like💰 your Freckles Or Tattoos
Get Your Money Back! 

Also try, the NEW!! Henna Enhancing Spray

The Henna Enhancing spray makes more vibrant and longer lasting Henna Tattoos and Freckles.

It uses a all natural combination of juices and sugar to seal the henna off from air so that the henna can stain your skin for the longest amount of time. Thus resulting in a longer lasting and more vibrant Freckles or Tattoos.

Now you can add Six new Variations of tips to your order!

This will allow you to customize your experience whether for a more complex tattoo or your want bigger or smaller freckles. This tattoo pack will help Deliver.


Our Henna Cone bottle, can be used multiple times and stored for long periods of time unlike normal henna

Made By US

All of our henna is made by us in our factory in the USA! By buying our products you are supporting local jobs so we can further support our community!

No chemicals.
No Preservatives.
Nothing Fake.
Unlike normal imported henna.

We have just announced our new subscriptions!

If you subscribe you will get your product every month and with 10$ OFF! Every order!
Free Shipping!

We redesigned the way you henna

We went through countless design after design and through much hard work we developed the henna cone bottle. We realized that the old traditions that the Indians have been doing for countless millennia are outdated. Someone had to bring the product into the modern age. So we did. With our state of the art squeeze bottle and precision application tip it makes applying henna virtually seamless. We fill the bottles with our handmade 100% Natural henna paste. Each bottle is filled with 55 grams of paste. To put that in perspective that is 5 to 6 normal henna cones. Instead of the old ways of making henna yourself you can get our all in one Premium henna cone bottle. All of our products are made completely in the USA!

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Easy to Use

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Large Size

Our henna cone Bottle comes with 60 grams of Paste, witch is equivalent to 6 to 7 regular henna cones.
-This much paste can produce
8 Large Henna Tattoos (Whole Arm) or
40 Freckle Applications

Long Lasting

The Henna Cone Bottle will last
Over 1 year if stored in freezer between uses.
If stored in a refrigerator will last 6 months

Freckle Application Lasts: 3-5 days (Can be washed off before if needed)

Henna Tattoo Lasts: 14 days *Can vary depending on length of initial application (Can be washed off before if needed)

All Natural

All of our henna is made by us in the USA

There are no chemicals in our henna. Every ingredient has been hand picked from farms across the globe. Our Henna is directly sourced fresh from India, and is farm to bottle from harvested 2020 Crops.

Our essential oils have been refined and  aged to perfection to produce the perfect freckle color and tattoo stain.

We have spent years refining our processes and recipes, and are excited for you to try it yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the henna make my face break out? 😯

No. The henna paste is 100% natural, if you do have sensitive skin and are worried, we suggest applying to a small spot on your face to test to see how your face reacts. If you are not satisfied, we have our freckle guarantee and you can get all your money back.r.

Does the henna have any dangerous chemicals in it? 😮

No. All of are ingredients are farm to bottle and contain no chemicals..

How long does it take for the henna to ship out? 😇

Your order will ship out 24 hours after the order has been placed. If you place an order on the weekend after 2PM EST on Saturday the order will ship out on that following Monday.

How can I track my order? ✈️

After your order has shipped a tracking number will be sent to your email.

International Shipping

For some countries they do require you to pay custom taxes to accept the merchandise into your country for delivery please be aware of this before you purchase. As pricing varies between country to country. 

Can I use this paste for Tattoos? 🙌

Yes, our paste works perfectly for henna tattoos and freckles. We promote our product for freckles because its the best henna on the market that will produce realistic freckles on your face. But, will work perfectly fine for both. Just make sure to follow the instructions on the back of the box.

How do I get a refund if needed? 👀

To get a refund please contact us at Or if any issues occur let us know and we will respond in under 12 hours. We highly doubt that you won't like the product, but if anything does arise feel free to contact us.

Where is your henna made?🧬

All of our products are handmade by us in the USA. All of our orders ship from the United States

Can I wash the Henna Off?💧

Yes, If you need to get the henna off for any reason you can use any type of exfoliater to scrub the henna off, or if you don't have that mix, some sea salt or sugar with your soap that would work also.

Why is my henna orange right after taking it off?😬

Over the period of 24 to 48 hours after taking the henna off it continues to darken to your perfect freckle brown color. We advise that you apply it right before bed and sleep with it on overnight and it will be brown in the morning. It is also important to note that if you need to wash your face do it before applying the henna, because washing your face before the henna darkens will stop the process of it darkening.  

You can wash your face with the freckles just go over the place were you have freckles lightly with water and try not to exfoliate the skin. This will remove the layers of skin that the henna is on.

How do I maintain my freckles for a long time? 👏

To keep your freckles for the longest time we suggest after applying the freckles keep your face moisturized. This is because the henna goes a couple layers deep into your skin and stays there. Overtime as you wash your face and or body part that the henna is on it removes the layers of skin that the henna is on then the henna goes away. 

The best moisturizer for henna is any type of oil.

So the goal is to preserve the skin that the henna is sitting on by keeping that skin moisturized so that is does not turn into dead skin that is washed off.

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