How to Get eyebrows better than ANY salon in 20 min

There are a couple problems that arise in the industry.

Historically, there are only a couple methods that Handle Eyebrows

  • Pencils

  • Gels

  • Markers

  • Professional Micro-Blading

  • Professional tinting

Here is the Problem

1. They do not Last

2. They Cost to Much Money

3. You're Forced to re-do them 

Here is the Solution

Phantom Brow 

DIY Eyebrow Henna

Phantom Brow is a DIY Eyebrow Henna Kit that allows you to do your eyebrows Once every 2 weeks

  • Comes with 1 -3 Month Supply

  • Application Lasts 2 Weeks

  • Takes 20 minutes 

  • Fully Waterproof

  • Mistake Proof Application Process

  • Comes with 8 easy to Use Stencils

Hear From Our Customers!

The Application Process

1. Find Your Stencil

2. Apply and wait 20 min

3. Your Done For 2 Weeks!

Choose your color!

Light Brown

Medium Brown

Dark Brown

Loved by over 26,000+ Wonderful Customers


Eyebrow Benefits

  • No More doing Your eyebrows Everyday!

  • Easy To apply

  • Very Natural Look

  • Comes with 15 Applications

Here is The Best Part!

If your eyebrows don't look Perfect in 20 minutes.  

We will give you all your Money back!

Return is on Us!


When will I get My Order?

All Orders Ship out within 24 hours from when they are ordered. Weekends no packages are shipped.

Can this henna be used For tattoos?.

No. This product was specifically made for your eyebrows. Do not use this product for any other part of your body as this henna is not all natural. We have another product dedicated for all natural henna for freckles and tattoos. You also must do a skin test before you use this product to make sure you are not allergic. If you are allergic cease us use of this product immediately.

How can I track my Order?.

After your order has shipped a tracking number will be sent to your email.

Can I use this product without stencils?

Yes, the stencils are there for people who want help with an eyebrow design, you can fully use this product freehand and fill in your eyebrows as you would like.

Can I wash it off?

This product is waterproof, so if you mess up or just want to remove you are going to have to use saltwater and scrub thoroughly multiple times to remove.

What if I mess up?

When you start applying the henna it will start dyeing your eyebrow. If you mess up restart and fully wash off with soap and water before it starts to set in. The best is to plan out exactly how you are going to do it before you apply it.

Do you Ship International?

Yes we ship to every country with this product. You just enter your address at checkout.

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